The Dream Village I Imagined

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The Dream Village I Imagined

The society has brain washed us to believe that HIV/AIDS is a death sentence. Any person who is HIV positive is good for nothing again in life and he/she is already on the death queue. This was my perception about HIV.

However, the human nature in me still gave me some level of respect to the victims as human. So, on my visit to Dream village, I was expecting to see hopeless youths which are begging for pity from the society.

Fortunately, I was strongly disappointed to see youths living like myself even doing better than I can do. The level of energy, creativity and sense of purpose these people demonstrated is magnificent. This wouldn’t have been possible if nobody has worked on them to let them understand the beauty of life even as an HIV positive person..
I so much appreciated every efforts that has been channeled into these youths to ensure their inclusiveness in the segregated society.

This encounter totally changed my perception about HIV/AIDS and gave me a high level of respect for them as fellow human capable of doing even better than I am doing.

Finally, I now see a Dream Village where youths are raised to be change agents remodeling the degrading society of ours.

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Dream village has been empowering HIV positive young adults and youth to reach their potential. Their aim is to make them have a positive and sustainable impact to the society where by they can realize and nurture their visions.


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