Rwanda Nook

Rwanda Nook

“Nooks” are educational centers for self-determined learning, or – in short – “schools without teachers”. They enable the members of a local community to carry out their own learning projects based on individual interests and needs.  We created our first Nook Hub in Gahanga, in Kicukiro district in 2019 where learning happens by exploring and creating projects of personal interest together in teams and with other members of the community.

Presently the young people are involved in projects that range from science, arts, music, agriculture, tailoring and designing, mechanics, entrepreneurship among other innovations. The end results is that these projects started by the young people could create self-employment and economic independence. You can read all the learners stories here:

You can visit the Nook Hub in Gahanga by contacting our Nook Manager on +250784508549 Due to Covid restrictions and regulations, one has to make an appointment to be able to visit the Nook Hub.

To know more about the happenings at the Nook Hub and the learners watch this video:



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Dream village has been empowering HIV positive young adults and youth to reach their potential. Their aim is to make them have a positive and sustainable impact to the society where by they can realize and nurture their visions.


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