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New Model To Scale Up Youth-Led HIV Aids Treatment and Care

Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) and partners have recognized and recommended the need to scale up the Community Adolescent Treatment Supporters (CATS) model that has for the past five years increased access to HIV/Aids information, treatment and care among young Rwandans. The CATS model, a youth led program, was adopted from the Zvandiri program in Zimbabwe […]

Dream Village Celebrates Success in HIV Eradication Among Children and Youth

Dream Village Organization recently convened a celebratory event to acknowledge its remarkable strides in implementing the CATS model. This model offers a comprehensive array of specialized services designed specifically for children, adolescents, and young people living with HIV. The CATS model aims to address various critical aspects of HIV care and support, including promoting awareness, […]

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The Dream Village I Imagined

The society has brain washed us to believe that HIV/AIDS is a death sentence. Any person who is HIV positive is good for nothing again in life and he/she is already on the death queue. This was my perception about HIV. However, the human nature in me still gave me some level of respect to […]



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Dream village has been empowering HIV positive young adults and youth to reach their potential. Their aim is to make them have a positive and sustainable impact to the society where by they can realize and nurture their visions.


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