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Rwanda Nook 4th graduation

The Chronicles – Rwanda Nook Hub Holds 4th Graduation

Rwanda Nook Hub (RNH) held its forth graduation where children from unprivileged backgrounds showed off creative skills that could contribute to Rwanda’s target to produce locally made products. RNH is a community based center that opened in 2019 in Gahanga sector, Kicukiro district and uses the self-learning model to turn disadvantaged youth into Rwanda’s next […]

Kicukiro: 35 former school dropped outs children graduate from Rwanda Nook Hub

At least 35 children who dropped out from schools in recent years have graduated from Rwanda Nook Hub (RNH)in Gahanga sector, Kicukiro District, aspiring to be entrepreneurs in diverse sectors such as art, technical and vocational labour force. The finalists benefited from the center’s self-learning initiative and acquired skills in Welding, Painting, Culinary Arts, Carpentry, […]

Group photograph

The Dream Village I Imagined

The society has brain washed us to believe that HIV/AIDS is a death sentence. Any person who is HIV positive is good for nothing again in life and he/she is already on the death queue. This was my perception about HIV. However, the human nature in me still gave me some level of respect to […]



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