Spring Board Training

Spring Board Training

One of the biggest challenges in stemming the spread of HIV/AIDS is combating widespread ignorance across the general population. HIV/ AIDS is not a disease that strikes only isolated “groups-at-risk”; it is widespread throughout the general population. And most people simply don’t know they are infecting each other. Even those who know have no information on how they can live positively or care for others living positively with HIV / Aids: There is need for innovation to address all the challenges that underlie in the concept of HIV effectively. By identifying strengths and building upon them, we can co-create lasting solutions that move us towards a world free of discrimination, stigmatization on people living with HIV/Aids. Dream village runs a one-month training for social change makers who want to work in the HIV field and other partners   who need to widen their knowledge and skills.  HIV / Aids need a holistic approach where many partners have to come together and brain storm new strategies of reducing new infections, counselling, supporting, and giving hope to people both affected and infected by the pandemic. The desired change starts with us.



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Dream village has been empowering HIV positive young adults and youth to reach their potential. Their aim is to make them have a positive and sustainable impact to the society where by they can realize and nurture their visions.


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