Dream Village: Where Children’s Dreams Are Nurtured to Reality


Dream Village: Where Children’s Dreams Are Nurtured to Reality

It is a sunny and bright day as all Dream Village (DV) Rwanda beneficiaries are assembled at Kigali Parents School grounds to celebrate the 2022 Dream Village Day.

Alice Umuganwa, one of the girl beneficiaries at Dream Village delivers to her friends a poem called “My life is in my hands. Do you really know that it is in your hands?”

The poem is dedicated to young Rwandans, the country’s future leaders, in which she calls for action to fight against threats destroying lives of youth and a reminder they have the power in our hands, to change this.

“I’m a girl, I’m a sweetheart, I’m a champion, the road is closed, I’m growing up, and I’m a champion of kindness and gentleness.”

Read more at https://www.chronicles.rw/2022/10/09/dream-village-where-childrens-dreams-are-nurtured-to-reality/

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Dream village has been empowering HIV positive young adults and youth to reach their potential. Their aim is to make them have a positive and sustainable impact to the society where by they can realize and nurture their visions.


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