Youth profiting from ‘Rwanda NOOK Hub’ by self-learning, promised project fund

Young people who are being trained at ‘Rwanda Nook Hub’ acclaim that they have gained talent-based skills through self-learning methodology applied by the center, as they are promised to get fund for their aftermath projects.

Saphina Iraguha, is one of the young people benefiting from the center which was founded by Dream Village organization in partnership with Project DEFY. She expressively highlights the progress made since her arrival and recommends for support.

“I came here because I wanted to learn how to cook in a special way different from how I had been used to doing it at home. I since then started learning by internet-connected computers. In that way, I and my colleagues could request for related lessons and receive through email and it was done regularly until now we can make cakes that are different from the usual ones found around in Kigali,” she said.


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